March 31, 2022

Bold Like Red Pumps

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Boldness is defined as a lack of hesitation or fear and the refusal to be held back by the opinion of others.

As women leaders, no matter where you work, you’re probably surrounded by men. And the further you go up the leadership ladder, there tends to be fewer women up there with you.  When we lead and when we speak, we’ve got to speak with boldness to be heard, and to be noticed.  Boldness is defined as a lack of hesitation or fear and the refusal to be held back by the opinion of others. It takes boldness to speak up and share your opinion, your truth in a way that can be heard.  As leaders we have to be willing to take the risk to share our vision, stand up for what we believe in, pick an unpopular direction, no matter what others may think.

Another definition of boldness is the quality of being visually striking, arresting, and or flashy. For me, nothing says boldness louder than a pair of fierce red pumps!  Those who know me know that I love shoes; especially a pair of high heel pumps.  Whether you rock them with a suit in the boardroom, or the office or with a pair of jeans, they definitely send a message that says, “I’m here, see me.”   

The color red is often called a power color – you see it often on men. The power tie can be seen on politicians and business men; the President of the US often wears a red tie. The color red has a bit of an aggressive feel, it can make you feel more confident and powerful.  Well, I don’t wear a red tie, but I do know that I feel bold, confident and powerful when I walk into a meeting in my red pumps. 

What makes you feel bold?  It’s not really about the pumps, it’s about our attitude. As women, we need to lead boldly, with confidence and power. While I love my red pumps, my boldness comes from knowing who I am. It’s knowing that God created me with an amazing plan for my life. He created me with skills, and talents to make a difference in this world.  I was born to lead and He’s given me the inner strength to lead boldly.  And I believe you are too. My boldness starts with a strong confidence in God. It comes from believing that I was created to lead, and I grow better as a leader every day. And even though I’m still learning, that does not stop me from being confident. Because He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion.  

Where does your boldness come from?  Find the thing that drives you, inspires and energizes you. It may be something you wear, a memento or something different. Whatever it is, embrace it and use it to inspire you to boldly lead. 

If you’re like me, grab some red pumps, and strut with boldness and confidence in the leader you are! And if you need some coaching on this, reach out!

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