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Hi. I am Trish.
And I have been right where you are.

A thriving life — where you get to be you — is not an imaginary place. The key is to get the ingredients right. And what are those? Being clear and confident in who you are and who God has created you to be. The result is a life of authenticity and boldness.

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Just like you, I have dreams. I want to write and publish a book, walk where Jesus walked in Israel, take tango lessons in Argentina with my husband, live in a place where I can have coffee watching the sun rise or set over the water, and empower and encourage thousands of women to live and lead authentically. 

From childhood, dreaming is what we do. For me, my ten-year-old self wanted to be a fashion model. My adult self became a fashion buyer and I loved it. I led teams as small as two people and as many as twenty. I worked hard to see my dreams realized. I lived, traveled, and led teams all over the world. I reinvented myself learning from my experiences and taking chances on new things. But I was burning out – working all hours and discovering that my identity was wrapped up in my job title. 

Then one day it changed. I lost my job.  I looked at myself and asked, “who am I and what does God want me to do?” I took a year to search with God, reprioritize and learned to take care of my soul. I  knew I wanted to bring more love, laughter, and joy to as many people as I can and to see young girls, like my beautiful niece Lilly, grow up to be the awesome leaders they are created to be. So I changed my life focus and built an identity rooted in the fullness of God and all that He has planned for me to do.

And I want to give that encouragement to you – you aren’t stuck. A fractured life isn’t inevitable. You can reinvent your life for fuller meaning, wonder, and joy. But you need support. Going it alone isn’t going to get you where you need to be. 

It takes risk and courage to embrace and seek change but the rewards are so amazing. It is my mission to help women leaders create a flourishing life.  If I can do it, you can too. 

The Truth That Drives Me

I know that we are each a masterpiece created to do good things — more than we can even imagine. A rich, full, and satisfying life is rooted in strength, courage, confidence, and wisdom that comes from knowing who we are designed by God to be.

“As a leader, Trish is aware of the unique gifts and abilities in the people around her and those her team serves. When she identifies those assets, she works to find ways to utilize and highlight those skills. She has had extensive and diverse experiences in her life that first make her fascinating and interesting to learn from, but she also brings that experience to the task or assignment at hand. Trish can help you learn how to approach a task or role in a professional, responsible, and life-giving manner. She doesn’t let details slip through the cracks, as she knows how much they matter. She wants the work that those around her do to be noticed and appreciated, first by her and then with anyone she shares the project with. Trish values new and innovative ways to finish a project or approach a role. With Trish coaching you on, you will feel encouraged, valued, and seen. These are rare qualities that serve to bring out the very best in those she leads. I highly recommend Trish Bussey Jeter!"

~ Amber Allworth

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